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Whether you’re looking for a serious commitment or just want to learn something new and have fun while doing it, there’s nothing more important than being taught by an experienced drum teacher.

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About Me

I've been a professional drummer and drum teacher in the North East for a number of years. I love playing, of course, but I also take great pride in developing the next generation of drummers. I've taught hundreds of drum students, from newbie to experienced and from pre-school to pensioner. 

It's important to my students that I bring experience and skill - but I don't think that's enough to get the best from them. I believe it's vital to adapt the style and pace of the teaching to each student.

You won't get a standard, "off the shelf", set of exercises from me.  I work with each student to tailor the lessons and the pace, with an emphasis on building confidence and enjoyment.

Most of all, I want my students to just feel great about playing the drums.

Junior Drum Programme

Lessons tailored for children of all ages with an interest in drums

Young children particularly need a sensitive and responsive teaching style. It is especially important that drum tuition for these youngsters fans the flame of their talent, rather than snuffing it out with endless boring exercises or a rigid style of teaching.

I specialise in Beginner Fundamentals, motivating students with a balance of patience, training, and encouragement. I have a variety of engaging and outside-the-box activities to make lessons fun.

If you know an aspiring young drummer, why not give them a chance to get started and see where it takes them?

Rudiments and technique

Guaranteed improvements for experienced drummers

If you can already play, you will know that there is always room to get better. Nothing helps you move from good to great like an experienced drummer mentoring you.

Whether you want to develop your rudiments or just play stuff faster, friendly challenge and feedback is what you need. 

Get in touch and I will work with you to design a custom tuition programme just for you.

Advanced Drumming Theory

Learn and develop music reading skills

I know how difficult it can be to find a reliable teacher to focus on notation for drummers. Your teacher must be able to motivate the student by connecting the dots on the page to the joy of playing great drums.

As an experienced and passionate drum teacher, I believe in giving my students positive, constructive ways to learn.

Theory doesn't have to be boring!

"Just had a taster session for my 11 year old son and he absolutely loved it. Neal was great with him. Definitely recommend"

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